ProStable - for Stables


ProStable simplifies for stable owners, staff and horse owners!

ProStable is a complete service for stable owners with or without liverys, professional riders, for riding schools with private stables and for breeders. With just a few clicks, you can manage finances and communicate with your customers. Your customers will appreciate ProStable as much as you do - the app allows them to order services and update information about their horses wherever and whenever they want.

Create added value for customers and employees

ProStable gives you and your staff full control over everything that happens in the stable.

In the app, you can see everything from changes in diet to services that your customers have ordered, such as grooming. When the staff has performed a service, the horse owner receives a mail that the service has been performed and the cost is automatically added to the invoice. The stable schedule tool plans and manages stable passes where the customer also receives a reminder mail. ProStable also includes smooth deworming control and vaccination management and much more.

All important information will be available to everyone immediately.

Listening to our customers

Join hundreds of satisfied horse business owners who have found everything they need in one place.
ProStable contains financial and operational support that makes life easier for you as a stable owner, your staff and your horse owners. Let us make your stable life easier.

For our staff, Hippocrates proStable is a great asset in our daily work. We can easily see orders for services such as mucking out, horse to walker, veterinary assistance etc. With the help of ProStablet we always have updated information from customers about cover info, feed status and so on. Customers also appreciate receiving a mail from proStable when we have performed the ordered service, and that the service is automatically added to the monthly invoice. This creates clarity for us as staff and for our customers.

Runsten Equestrian

Previously, we used a multitude of different lists, boards, booking, and billing systems, all in excess through various channels.

With proStable from Hippocrates, we can now consolidate everything in one place, making it easier for us and all staff, as one can quickly get an overview of all the horses, their feed status, stalls, and paddocks.

At the same time, all services can be billed directly from the same program. Our work becomes simpler and more efficient.

Horse rehab Skönabäck

Prostable enables us and our employees to do the best possible job, in a clear and structured way with the horse in focus! Without unnecessary misunderstandings. This means that we can easily fulfill the wishes and needs of every horse owner. Simply a win-win situation.

Lena Bredberg / Stall Stora Wäsby

In my business I use Hippocrates ProStable for everything that has to do with finances but also for all administration. With ProStable you get more time for the horses as everything in the system more or less takes care of itself and also you can easily change things in your system with your mobile phone. I am really happy with Hippocrates ProStable and recommend it to everyone with a horse business as it facilitates and saves so much time.

Erik Nordström / Seen Sporthorses

Since joining proStable , I manage my business on the move, saving me hours of paperwork at the end of the month.

Thomas Ryan / Ascend Showjumping

Price example

The price includes unlimited support. VAT is added to the prices.

The basic price for 10 horses is EUR/USD 59 and for each increase of 10 horses the price increases by 100:-.

Below you can see some examples

10 horses


20 horses


30 horses


60 horses


100 horses



Hippocrates services are for horse business owners. Free up time for what you love!