Simplify administration and free up time for what you love!

Equitreatment is developed together with equestrian therapists. With just a few clicks on your mobile/ipad you create invoices, journals and manage all contact with your clients. 

Equitreatment gives you super control over sales.

Through statistics, forecasts and smooth order management, you know what to expect in your wallet. Plus, all order history is calendar-based and directly linked to the invoice and journal.

Get started with Equitreatment with no commitment period for EUR/GBP/USD 59/month

All in one place

Equitreatment is the complete service for equine therapists that includes everything from logistics to invoicing and journals.
Also includes graphic images where you can mark/draw on to facilitate.
Everything to simplify the work and save time.

You'll find us in the clouds

Equitreatment is a fully cloud-based service that requires no installation. You can use the service from any device, anytime, anywhere. Plus, we back up all your important data every day. Compatible with both Android and IOS.

Equitreatment is available in the following languages

Danish, English, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, German

I have been using the system since 2018, during the startup phase when I began taking on clients. It's super convenient with electronic records, and the ability to combine it with invoicing makes it very labor-saving. It's also easy to share the records via email – appreciated by both horse owners and veterinarians!

Vicki's Horse Massage

In Equitreatment it is great that there are pictures of horses with visible muscles and bones, making it easy to highlight problem areas.

Horse owners & veterinarians

In my work with preventive health care and rehabilitative aftercare. I meet both sport and hobby horses. The pace is often high and the days intense. Record-keeping is an important part and with the Hippocrates system I can I can effectively handle the task in everyday life.

Linda Söderberg Fång, Equine therapist

It is good with the booking function that sends a booking confirmation to the customer via mail and a reminder the day before the visit. It has saved me a lot of time and you don't get gaps in the schedule due to forgotten appointments.

EquiHealth Stockholm - Jennifer Sjöberg

I am satisfied with Hippocrates Equitreatment . It provides clarity with the calendar and all the bookings. Customers find it easy with mail that comes when there is a booking, as well as with mail the reminder the day before the booked time. For me, it is easier to keep an even flow in the invoicing, as the invoice is sent to the customer directly when I write the journal. Previously, the documents could be lying around for several weeks before I took the time to invoice. Having the horses' records together also makes it easy to have a good overview of the history of each horse.

Nina Magnusson - HippoFys


The annual fee includes free mail, unlimited support.

VAT is added to the prices.




EUR/GBP/USD359half year

Full year

EUR/GBP/USD718full year


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