For horse owners

It brings together horse lovers from all over the world and stores important information about their horse(s) by treating specialists.

Join the Hippocrates family!

From now on, you can gather all your horse's information and invoices in one place under the roof of the customer portal wherever you are if your Farrier, equine therapist, saddle fitter, equine dentist and veterinarian use our services- Send information and an offer to your treating specialist by email here!

Summary of your horse/its costs

Here you can save and view your horse's finances by entering all costs and getting a monthly and annual overview.

You'll find us in the clouds

MyHippo is a fully cloud-based service that requires no installation. You can use the service from any device, anytime, anywhere. Plus, we back up all your important data every day. Compatible with both Android and IOS.

MyHippo is available in the following languages

Danish, English, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, German

André Brandt

I see the MyHippo customer portal as a great asset to my horse welfare team. It gives me extra control over what my horse has received for treatment, shoeing, problems that may have been. It also makes it much easier for me to see all invoices from treating specialists gathered in one place.

Magnus Smederöd

Hippocrates Blacksmith has raised our status and professionalism through the accuracy of invoicing and record keeping. Now the customer portal MyHippo is launched, a service that meets the customer and gives them an insight into the horse's journal.

Emil Johansson

The MyHippo customer portal enables my customers to retrieve certain information themselves. There are fewer calls per customer and less paperwork. Moreover, I can easily email them a link where they can enter their personal data, which saves time and facilitates my administrative work. In conclusion, it is a useful and efficient resource for my business.

Erik Nordström

I recommend all horse business owners to use Hippocrates services. This is because with the help of Hippocrates new customer portal MyHippo, you as a horse owner can see all the services that should be done or happen regarding your horse. Such as future treatment dates, invoices or shared journals. Getting everything together in one place is fantastically smooth and makes everything so incredibly easy! And it also gives you more time for your horse and our fantastic sport! Win-Win!

Thomas Ryan

The MyHippo customer portal keeps me and my horse owners updated at all times when we are abroad, making it easier to have a full overview of my horses and stables at all times.

Everything about your horse in one place - simple and easy.