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Hippocrates services are cloud-based and currently consist of two servers that handle the different parts of the services. On the one hand, we have a lively web server that handles everything that has to do with the web services. To this we have connected an isolated server where the database is located. Since we have separated the database from the web server, we minimize the risk of any intrusion into the services. The database is also encrypted at the file level - which ensures that no unauthorized person could read the content if they came across the database.

All communication to all our services is done over HTTPS to ensure a secure connection to us. All traffic is routed through and their firewalls which make it difficult for hackers to attempt to gain access to our services. Once the traffic reaches our servers, we also have firewalls to provide additional protection against attacks on each server.

The data center is located in Karlstad and is housed in premises that previously belonged to the Swedish Armed Forces. The armed forces are partly still operating there, which means that the premises are monitored 24/7 by security and armed personnel.

The servers are protected with environmental monitoring, cooling and redundant electricity supply via UPS and diesel units. All vital server components are built according to the N+1 principle for the services to be available 24/7.

The servers are connected to one of the largest and most powerful backbone networks in Europe. Through the connection, we can give you as a customer fast response times and high availability. The connection is via fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (inputs from different geographical positions).

Here you can see a picture of a rack where hippocrates services are running.


Full backups of the web server and database server are taken daily. In addition, backups are also made during the day on the database server to restore a transaction log in case something goes wrong. Should a service go down, a new instance is rolled out within minutes. These backups take place locally in the network where the machines are located and we also take an encrypted database backup once a day that is sent out externally within Sweden.

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