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Why ProStable is the obvious choice

  • Less screen time

    Our customers save hundreds of hours on administration every year. When finances and communication are managed with a few clicks, you'll have time to take your business to the next level.

  • More satisfied customers

    In the app, your customers get full control of everything related to their horse. They can easily update information, order extra services and communicate with you and the staff. With Prostable, nothing falls between the chairs.

  • World-class support

    We will help you by phone or email during all days of the week. In addition, we will update the service when we receive new requests from you as a stable owner.

  • A complete system
    • Immediate overview of the entire business, from the economy down to the level of detail about horses, customers and staff.
    • Communication with staff and customers is handled directly in the app.
    • Automated e-invoicing.
  • proStable gives you super-control of the economy

    With proStable, you get a quick look at the economy. In the app, you'll see the status of all submitted invoices and can send reminders if someone is behind on a payment. All your billing is handled automatically. 

    In the app, your customers can also read and download their invoices.

  • Boost sales

    Do you offer additional services to your customers? With proStable it is easy to add services such as longing, mocking, sessions in walker, riding lessons or the purchase of special feed and minerals. The moment your customer orders a service, the purchase is automatically added to the invoice.

  • Create added value for customers and employees

    With proStable, you and the staff get full control of everything that happens in the stable. In the app you will see everything from changes in feed state to changes of paddocks. You and your customers easily communicate with each other through the service – and important information becomes available to everyone right away.

  • You'll find us in the clouds

    proStable is a fully cloud-based service and requires no installations. You can use the service from any device, anytime, anywhere. In addition, we take backups on all your important data every day.

We at Skärlunda Equestrian AB in Norrköping conduct a horse business with deposits, sales horses and training of horses and riders at different levels. With around 20 liverys with different needs and a lot to keep track of, Hippocrates ProStable has greatly facilitated our administration. Customers can control their own costs by going in and booking different options such as duvet changes, trainings, feed, etc. They also get access to several other benefits in the system, which they feel is a good service.  The system is simple and easy to understand and has good support that is always available. We are so happy!

Kristin Mellqvist, Owner/CEO Skärlunda Equestrian AB


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The price includes unlimited support. VAT is added to the prices.

The basic price for 10 horses is EUR 399 and for each increase of 10 horses the price increases by EUR 10

Below you can see some examples

  • 10 Horses
    EUR 39 / Month
  • 20 Horses
    EUR 49 / Month
  • 30 Horses
    EUR 59 / Month
  • 60 Horses
    EUR 89 / Month
  • 100 Horses
    EUR 129 / Month

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