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Tova Ottosson

Tova Ottosson lives in Uppsala.

For as long as she can remember, she's been on horseback. But the worst thing Tova knew was to pull on the thick riding pants and push her feet into a pair of rubber so-called "riding boots" where her feet got stuck. After a few years of her mother's nagging and dragging Tova to riding school, she finally got to hang out with her mother to the stables instead where, at the age of six, she ran with a shettis in the woods behind her mother trotting with her big horses.

When Tova turned eight, she got her first pony, which was intended to start her racing career on the jumping shows. But after falling off about 95% of all starts, she saddled up and rode dressage where she and her little white pony won most of it.

At the age of 14, Tova got her first big horse and since then horses have come and gone. Immediately after graduating, she took her horses and moved home to Sylve Söderstrand for a period before moving back home and starting her own business. As a junior and Young rider, Tova has taken places up to difficult jumping and got the chance to compete in places like Globen, Scandinavium and Elmia.

Today, Tova runs a training and competition stable together with her partner. She still has big goals and today mainly invests in developing new young talents and hopefully someday has the opportunity to keep a young horse for larger tasks.

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