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Minke Bosch

My name is Minke Bosch and I live in Belgium. When I'm not riding I'm studying to become a veterinary assistant. For five years now I have had my Friesian stallion Tigo.

We compete in level 3 (the highest provincial level). Recently we rode our second official competition at this level and we won by 70%. Unbelievable, it was a dream come true!

In 2019, we won the Euro Dressage Cup (competition between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium). Previously, we also became Belgian masters at the Belgian herd book for the Frisian horse. Tigo and I are part of the official Belgian Frieser team, this gives us the opportunity to perform at events, which we really like. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

I would like to continue to show to everyone that the Frieser breed belongs in the dressage.

My next goal is to start at national level. One of my big dreams is to get a foal from Tigo, preferably a stallion and then train him myself.
I am passionate about horse racing, want to learn new things and I always give myself 100%.

You can follow our adventure on our Instagram account: @tigo_thefriesianhorse


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