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Hugo Wihlmark

Hugo Wihlmark lives in Uppsala.

When Hugo was nine years old, he decided to start riding, on Tuesday he took his big sister's pony, on Thursday he jumped for the first time, on Friday he solved the license and on Saturday Hugo went to a competition. He had a bit of a trick in learning the track but it didn't do much because when he steered on fence number two, a flower blew down and he had to chew gravel.

That's how Hugo's career started, but he didn't give up. After many different ponies back and forth, Hugo got his first big horse and when he was 16 years old he moved to Evelina Tovek and learned how it is to run a real competition stable.

After that he was at Anna Wemlert / Skyrup Country Club where he learned a lot about young horses and running his own business.

Hugo has now lived in Uppsala for 1.5 years, where he and his partner run an education and competition stable, TH Stables. He himself has competed up to difficult jumping and had great success as Young rides riders.

Today Hugo is committed to developing young talents.

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