Erik Dahnelius -


Erik Dahnelius

Erik Dahnelius is 21 years old and lives in Löddeköpinge Sweden

Erik started riding when he was 10 years old which is quite late compared to many other riders. Before, it was only ice hockey and football that applied but one day he hung out with his sister and mother in the stables and discovered that riding is the most fun there is. Erik got the chance to take over his sister's b-ponies this year because she got too old and his riding career began.

At the age of 16, Erik completely switched to big horses and has since ridden several Swedish championships, National Jumping and Nordic Championships. He has several wins and placings up to difficult jumping and competed in places such as Scandinavium, Falsterbo and Elmia.

Today Erik has a bunch of young horses that he trains but also some older ones who go higher.

Last summer he took bronze at the Swedish Championships in Mantorp as Young Rider.
One of Erik's long-term goals is to train and match his young horses as far as possible, but above all he wants to be as good a rider as possible.
In the near future, he hopes to establish himself at 150 level and take a medal at his last Swedish Championships as a Young Rider.


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