The operations manager at a riding facility requires his

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Operations manager at a riding facility requires his all-artist

November 21st, 2021 | By: Joakim Krassman












✅ Cooperation with the municipality ✅ Cooperation with the Board of Directors
✅, Finance, Accounting and Salaries ✅, Vision – Investments
✅, Horses ✅, Staff
✅, Maintenance of the facility ✅, Competition leader – at own competitions
✅, Riding Instructor – performing riding lessons

Lotta Sjöberg is employed as operations manager and runs Högbo Ridklubb since 2015.

It started with her starting as a jump coach for six months and was then asked if she wants to take over as operations manager.
Her riding career started at Uppsala Pony Club at the age of 10. She was also at Hardenborgs and rented a pony three days a week. Eventually she had to rent a pony for a whole winter and then the dream came true and she bought her own first pony. She was also active in gymnastics, athletics and basketball before the horses took over completely. Her parents bought a farm and there she started as an entrepreneur and ran her first business. After that, Lotta and her ex-husband ran a riding facility as an entrepreneur.

Högbo Ridklubb is a non-profit association where the club leases the facility from the municipality. A fantastic facility with large winter and summer paddocks. Outdoor and indoor riding arenas. There are also 90 permanent competition boxes. The facility runs a riding school and a riding stable for 25 horses. There is a mix of both pony and horses. They also organize a lot of appreciated dressage and jumping competitions every year and work towards the dream of having their own eventing course.

For Lotta, it is important to run the facility and see solutions, not get caught up in how we have always done. It is up to us to create new opportunities and dare to invest.
She also sees the importance of being a clear leader and of developing a spirit that comes from values and routines. One policy is to talk to each other and not about each other.

The creation of common visions is important to promote development and contribute to a long-term perspective and a large part of her work as operational manager is to get all parties to cooperate: board – staff – municipality and all members of course. Here Lotta sees that communication is super important so that everyone is on the same train. Give and take over boundaries and mutual respect.

Lotta herself is involved in activities at competitions to show the way and to create commitment.
After each competition, a message is written to all members about what a competition has given and what they plan to do for the surplus of the money to make everyone feel involved.

It is mainly the competitions they organize that provide extra revenue for the purchase of new horses, more staff and maintenance and the opportunity to develop the facility.
She believes that her stubbornness takes her forward and that she knows what she can and cannot do. She's passionate about having people around her and with her.

Lotta was an active rider in the elite in show jumping and was also in the Olympics in 2008.
Today, she still competes jumping in difficult classes. She sold her dream horses to the US but now wants to find new four-legged stars for the future.

Högbo Ridklubb started with Hippocrates system Academy for riding schools in May 2021 and Lotta Sjöberg tells us:

"We save a lot of administrative time that we can free up for other activities, which is great as we want to use that time for what we are passionate about.

Previously, the invoicing was time consuming and that we received big money twice a year and in between it was empty at the checkout. The system helps us to have a better control of the economy and ensures that we optimize cash flow in the business as we now invoice more often.

Our pay & jumps have also been greatly simplified and here we save a lot of time with the help of quick and easy billing.

We who work here all live for our horses and proStable gives us more time to focus on what we love!"

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