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Uppsala Pony Club, the riding school where everyone is welcome who enjoys horse

October 20th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman


We have had a chat with Gabriella Pernler, Riding School Manager at Uppsala Pony Club. Gabriella has worked here for 28 years and has accumulated extensive experience in riding school activities. Something we are a little extra interested in in the further development of our system Hippo Academy™.


Uppsala Pony Club was inaugurated in 1987. Gabriella Pernler, who currently runs the business, has been operating there since 1992. She says that the club used to be more competitive but that they had broadened and opened up for more events in equestrian sports. The club's goal is: "Everyone is welcome who thinks it's fun with horses".

Despite the club name, you have not only ponies on the site, but also horses. They are usually purchased as 5-7 year olds and in order to get a calmer flock, the club has deliberately chosen to invest only in geldings.

All horses go at all levels (today there are 10 different levels at the riding school, students from 7-78 years old riding) for better durability.

When a new horse, purchased as a 5-7 year old, comes to the riding school, it gets a training period of two years. The period begins with the stable manager riding and training the new horse. After that, the other riding instructors ride the horse for 3-6 months and then the horse gets to try to participate in his first lesson, which gradually expands to 1-2 lessons a week when it is ridden by more experienced students. After this, 8 weeks of lesson sessions follow 3 times/week as well as staff who train the horse further. Of course, rest is put in between for a total of 1-3 weeks.

"After two years, the new horse is running full, which means 15 lessons a week. This has given us sustainable and happy riding school horses."


Gabriella herself has worked for 28 years at the riding school and the current stable manager has been at the facility from the age of 16 to now 42 years, which is absolutely fantastic. The riding school also has an important team around it, such as a VIP agreement with Ultuna Djursjukhus and close collaborations with feed suppliers, farriers, salut testers and not least with the board.

At the facility there are also liverys, there are people who are in some way involved in the business. It is particularly important that everyone sets an example around riding school activities. Therefore, it goes without saying that requirements are also made for deposits for safety issues and other things such as helmet when handling, good shoes, no mobile when handling horses, etc.

About 35 students from 12-20 years old get the chance to compete riding school horses up to LB dressage and LC jumping. These students then become the face of the club and the importance of community, being a good friend, etc., is pronounced among the students. At the competitions, equestrian school staff are always present at

and helps with everything from loading and coaching to training students in pony/horse handling.


We talk a lot about the breadth of being a riding school manager. From a large personnel responsibility over both two- and four-legged staff, to financial responsibility with reporting to the Board and budget work. In addition, there is responsibility for operations with students, planning of riding lessons and other activities such as club competitions, ghost evenings, etc.

Here we cannot help but ask how the Hippo Academy system™ works for the riding school. Gabriella, who likes statistics and control, is super satisfied and believes that today the riding school saves about 8 hours a week in administrative time than before. What has mainly decreased radically is telephone time.

"Now every student/parent can log in 24/7 and book their riding lesson and apply for a riding lesson, etc.," she said.

The email contact is another area where a lot of time has been saved through Hippo Academy™s. In the past, for example, a reversal could mean a long conversation with several different emails back and forth before a good solution came into place, which of course took up a lot of unnecessary time.

The riding school currently has 580 students and 65 different riding groups. At each new semester, a request via the system is sent out to all students. With the system, this takes 1 hour to administer, previously these requests were printed out and mailed in envelopes. Just the management of writing and posting all the envelopes and taking care of answers took up a lot of time, now this is done more or less automatedly.

As for the financial part, Gabriella can easily withdraw a financial report to the board from the system, which she previously had to do manually. The system also dots off all payments automatically.

"Since the system has integration with Fortnox, we took a course to save time, which facilitated the change of financial system", says Gabriella, she laughs and continues "we at the riding school are not IT nerds but Hippo Academy™ is easy to work with even for us."

The system also provides a huge level of service to students who can go in and register for club competitions and other activities at any time. The youth section no longer has to handle cash and lists at such times, providing both quality and savings.

To make it easier for its members to use Hippo Academy™ the club has made several manuals that are templates such as rules for riding, how to register for club competitions, etc. In this way, you can make the most of the features of the system.

Another important part, from both a time saver and a safety perspective, is the record keeping on each horse. The journal includes previous injuries, farriers and more. In the case of veterinary visits,

the staff now easily produce previous history, for example that it was seven years ago that the horse was slippery on the right front or other relevant information.

"A great advantage of Hippo Academy™ is that it is constantly evolving according to the needs of riding schools. As now automatic integration with LOK support. This will save us 80-100 hours of administration per year and especially in staff care as this has been a real job to express ourselves mildly, gabriella says, referring to the reporting required by clubs to IdrottOnline.

It is fascinating to listen to Gabriella and hear and see her burning interest in riding school. Her dream is to expand the facility with more functional premises and be able to have jogging tracks and things that even residential areas in the immediate area can use. We leave her with the positive knowledge that our system Hippo Academy™ has made – and continues to do – Gabriella's and the riding school's work easier, perhaps it can help them one day make their dreams come true.

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