Sofie and Richie run the stable where horses and riders are trained together-

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Sofie and Richie run the stable where horses and riders are trained together

June 28th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

caption. Sofie runs the BX Stable business together with his partner Richárd Jóvan. Together they have developed a holistic concept for horses and riders.


Today we meet Sofie Söderberg who almost six months ago started BX Stables together with partner Richárd 'Richie' Jóvan. The idea for the stable business was born much earlier when the couple worked together in Ludger Beerbaum's world-famous stable outside Riesenbeck. There, the couple gained experience of top international horses and worked closely with world stars such as Henrik von Eckermann.

"Working with horses at the highest level is incredibly cool," says Sofie, filling in.

"You are so incredibly careful with details. There will be a greater focus on the team around the horse. Farriers, veterinarians and riders discuss among each other and are in sync and everyone knows what applies to each horse.


Wants to help riders achieve long-term sustainable results

At Hippocrates Equestrian Center, the couple is now focusing on a holistic concept where each horse has its own team. The concept includes everything from training the horse and rider, to farriery and equipment selection. Everything is done in close cooperation with experts from different disciplines.

"In Sweden, it is still most common for jumping horses to be sent away on a ride, but that the rider who will then ride the horse is not included," says Sofie, who believes that this impairs development opportunities. Horses that have been on a ride will soon regain their old problems because the rider does not know how to handle the horse.
"We want to help riders achieve sustainable results and then we have to train together.  With the experience we have, we can make the rider's itinerary a little shorter," says Sofie.
"It also makes the business more transparent and it feels much more modern to be generous with your knowledge. To experience that development together is also the best thing about the job.

Another important lesson from abroad is that the business must be run as a real company. Many people do not look completely professionally at their horse business, says Sofie, and they then find it difficult to distinguish between which part is a hobby and what is the company.
"You have to ask yourself what generates money and what just costs.


In order to get a spin on the business, Sofie and Richárd have refrained from having their own horses, in addition, Sofie works extra as an accounting consultant alongside the business.
"As an accounting consultant, I get a lot of insights from how other companies work and that gives me new ideas for the company.

To those who are thinking of starting their own business, Sofie thinks that the economy is one of the most important things to think about and her call is clear:
– Don't hesitate to get help! Keep in mind that the business should not only go +-0 but must increase in value in order for you to develop it.

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