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October 14th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman has upgraded Hippo Academy - an administrative system that frees up time and money for the country's riding schools. The improvement will save an additional 80-100 hours per year.


Hippo Academy was already one of Sweden's leading administrative systems for riding schools, now has made the system even better and more efficient.

Today, Sweden's riding schools save about 20 hours a week by using Hippo Academy. With the new LOK integration with IdrottOnline, an additional 80-100 hours per year will be earned. Hours that can instead be spent on students and the important employees - the horses. The new upgraded system will also give the riding school operations a more secure cash flow and a professional face to the outside world.

Sweden's riding schools carry out fantastic activities that fulfil an invaluable function in society for children and young people. Time and money are usually in short supply, the activities are run at a high pace and are carried on with the help of many enthusiasts. wants to make it easier for these champions and has therefore made a targeted effort to save time and money for the country's riding schools.

As the first player in its industry, offers a fully automated reporting to IdrottOnline through LOK integration. This means that customers can report all activities automatically and maintain their membership register. In combination with IdrottOnline and APN (activity card online), a complete system is now offered that covers all the needs of riding schools. The module has been developed in cooperation with the National Sports Federation.

Joakim Krassman, innovator and developer at
- Our system is developed by active riding schools and that makes it the most user-friendly system on the market. The system has many features such as integrations with Bankgirot and Fortnox and we offer all our customers an on-site training day to get started easily. Contact us and we'll tell you more about the benefits of our systems, features and guarantees for your particular business.


Joakim Krassman,

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