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Meet our founders – the involuntary stable owners

April 21st, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

Caption. The Pedersen-Krassman couple outside the new isolated riding house of 78*26 meters in the yard at home in Brunnby, Hippocrates EC.

Two horse-crazy daughters led the Pedersen-Krassman couple to spontaneously buy a horse farm in Brunnby. Since both are project people, it would not be long before the farm had five stables, 45 horses and ten employees. The administration soon became an Aber and so the idea of an ERP system for the horse industry was born.

"We didn't want to devote all our free time to invoicing and phone calls with horse owners, so I started building the system on the first day," says Joakim, who has a background as a system developer at an international software company. The system quickly contributed to a very harmonious atmosphere in the stable. Suddenly all the binders and notes were gone and everyone knew what was going on. "That's when we realized that this could be a commercial product. The need must be enormous at facilities around the country, Joakim and Ulrika remember that they thought about all the positive feedback they received.

800,000 lines of code later
Time would give the Pedersen-Krassmans the right. Four years after the beta was released and 800,000 lines of code later Hippocrates commercial impact. Today, the service has over 25,000 users and the system has a business of over SEK 250 million. For Joakim and Ulrika, the aim is clear.
We want to help our customers make money, chirping them in chorus with the same enthusiasm as the hungry kids of talgox. For those who work with horses, it is 365 days a year that applies, whether you are sick to the stomach or feverish, it is animals that are waiting and need to be cared for," says Ulrika, filling in.
"If you are going to run a sustainable company in this industry, you have to be more efficient and get your cash flows under control, and these are the problems we solve. Through efficient administrative processes, Hippocrates time that users can invest in what they do best: take care of their students, customers, and four-legged friends. "The point is that smart technology allows you to be more analog and invest in yourself," says Joakim.

The horse industry is fraught with challenges
The horse industry has a turnover of a staggering SEK 72 billion according to the most recent studies. The huge maintenance costs on horse farms, however, make this money-making industry difficult. "One key is to get rid of all black money," Ulrika concludes. After all her years as product manager and marketing manager in international companies, she knows what she's talking about. "Black money leads to price dumping, poor conditions and many in the industry burn themselves out and get hurt.
Although the horse industry is fraught with challenges, both Joakim and Ulrika are glowing with great optimism. The people who work with horses have a passion you won't find in a regular 9-5 job, Ulrika explains. "If there is passion and willingness to work, the rest can be solved. It's just a matter of keeping up with developments.
Hippocrates aims to soon become Sweden's largest supplier of ERP systems for the horse industry. But the ambition is far greater than that
ulrika says. "Of course, we want to be Sweden's next big tech export. The daughters have long since left the nest, but the PedersenKrassman couple have no plans to abandon the facility in Brunnby. "It's never going to happen," they exclaim in the symphony. "We have the staff, the horses and the system, this is our baby says
Joakim. "And I who love working with people can't imagine living without this," ulrika concludes.

This is Hippocrates
Hippocrates develop user-friendly systems for the horse industry. Whether you are a farrier, run a riding school, have a yard with liverys or are Equitherapist, we have a system for you.

Age: The first edition was created 11 years ago. Four years ago came the first commercial product.
Number of users: Just over 25,000 who have a turnover of over SEK 250 million in the system.
Code: The service is completely cloud-based and consists of over 800,000 lines of code. If you print it on paper, it would span 7.5 kilometers.
Services: Blacksmith™ for farriers, Academy™ for riding school, Equitreatment™ for equitherapists and proStable™ for stables.

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