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Minke fell in love with the Friesian breed

July 3rd, 2022 | By: Joakim Krassman

Minke Bosch is a Belgian rider who found her interest in horses when she was seven years old on holiday in the Netherlands and got to sit on a horse for the first time. When Minke and her family returned from their holiday, she started riding school. Her interest in horses grew and at the age of 12 Minke got her first pony and decided to stop riding at riding school.
As Minke grew older, she traded in her pony for a dressage horse and quickly discovered that jumping was not for her. Unfortunately, Minke and the new horse failed to bond and the family decided to sell the horse.
By chance, the Friesian horse Tigo came into her life. She tried him for two months and when Minke was 17, the family bought the 10-year-old Friesian. Minke liked the Friesian breed from day one. 

"It was a different way of riding. He moved in a special way and at first I could hardly sit on him"
Minke says it took a long time to get to know Tigo, but her trainer was familiar with Friesian horses, which made the learning process easier.
"Because Tigo is a stallion, he is very macho and playful. But he keeps his cool in competitions as long as he has a saddle on."
Minke prefers to compete against other breeds but explains that it can be problematic with judges who have never judged a Friesian. She says that judges at higher levels are more experienced and are better at judging the breed.

Tigo and Minke had an accident a few years ago after training in the woods. Tigo was frightened and made his way back to the riding arena but slipped and was badly injured.
Before the accident, Tigo was close to national competitions and was riding the highest local competition and Minke's goal was to get him to national competitions. Minke says the goal now is to develop and compete at level 3 and higher.

This year Tigo turns 16 and Minke wants to try to find a suitor like Tigo in the future. However, she does not want to think about a new horse as long as she can ride him. Right now she gets the challenge she needs as she sometimes rides her sister's five-year-old horse.
Minke says that she has had offers to sell Tigo but she says that it has not been an option.
The family has recently bought 1 acre of land and has built a stable with a paddock. Now Minke is studying to become a veterinary assistant and will be finished in the summer.
"It will be a new phase of working and having a horse and the dream is to build an even bigger stable and organize pony camps in the future, so there is a lot to look forward to."

Some facts about Friesian horses:
Already in the early 19th century the Friesian horse started to be used for trotting competitions in Holland. The Friesian horse's high knee action and ability to take the lead in the trot made it very successful compared to other breeds. The American Orlovian trotter is largely descended from the Friesian horse. Thanks to its calm temperament, intelligence and ability to cooperate, the Friesian horse is very suitable for both driving and riding. It is not a jumping horse, but is happy to jump over small natural obstacles. In elite competition, the Friesian horse is excelling more and more, both in driving and dressage, where it now competes strongly with other horse breeds. The Friesian is a very pleasant family horse. It is faithful and loyal, but on the other hand requires a friendly approach from its owner. In Germany and the USA in particular, the Friesian is popular as a show horse in various contexts. It is also often seen in circuses. Did you know that the Friesian horse holds the world record for jumping. A couple of years ago, a team of 40 Friesian horses was drawn, which is a record.

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