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How do you become a better rider?

September 12th, 2021 | Village: Joakim Krassman

André Brandt's riding career began as a four-year-old on Children's Day in Ronneby where he alternated riding a carousel with pony rides. He got hooked on riding and went to riding school when he was five years old.

He continued to ride at the riding school until he was 11 years old, during these years he also tried lots of different sports such as ice hockey, judo and football.

When he was 11 years old, he got his first pony that they stabled at a riding facility.

Since his parents were not horsemen, both André and his mother took a green card course to improve and also be able to go to competitions. It was an instructive time to understand, for example, which boots would be on the correct leg. How and where do you find a trailer to rent when it was time to go to competition? The questions were many and a lot to learn.

As a beginner, all the help they received from other people in the stable was of great value and it felt always OK to ask others for help in the stable.

When André turned fourteen, the first pony was sold and a new c-pony moved in that he rode two Swedish Championships on – but without placements but won a large portion of experience instead.

When André was 13, he dropped icehockey completely and spent all his time in the stable. A big plus in the stable, he thinks, is that you hang out at all ages, someone can be five years younger and someone else can be ten years older, it is the passion for the horses that everyone shares.

When it was time for the D-pony, they bought a 7-year-old who he tried over an obstacle and the pony ran off but oh what he was nagging and wanted that horse. The pony was bought and it was only 8 years old when they took an Swedish Champion Silver together.

Now it was time for a big horse and he was lucky enough to borrow a big horse from Anders and Gun Norrman for five years, Miss Hope who had previously jumped 1.20. Together they won bronze in the Junior Swedish Championships, jumped the Nordic Junior Championship and made their debut in 1.50. André also rode two more horses from the same horse owner.

When he graduated, he got his first job at Hästak AB where he rode, trained and competed mostly young horses. But here he also got the chance to ride the horse Hästak Thelma and together they won the Young Rider Swedish Championship, jumped Falsterbo etc. Here he worked for 2.5 years. A memory of experiences for life.

In March 2021, he started working at Magic Park for Royne Zetterman. Here he rides, trains, compete young horses but also some older horses up to 1.50 classes. Have jump lessons from Royne who is invaluable and André feels that he is constantly developing.

The closest goals are to ride indoors Swedish Championship, it will be the first year as a senior and to get a placement in a 1.50 class to be able to ride Lövsta Future Challenge.

André's tip for all riders who want to develop is to be constantly interested and open. Is it jump training at the club but you yourself do not have your own horse or can join, sit at the side and watch, listen to what the trainer says. From the side you can learn a lot from a third perspective. Follow all the riders. See riders and flaws and see if the trainer says the same things that you experience can be improved, not to judge but to develop.

André himself always sat on the side watching before and after his own lesson to learn more.

The most important thing of all, André believes, is to be humble, dare to ask others for help. A positive "mindset" towards others in the sport, from beginners to the most experienced, is extremely important for your own development. Since equestrian sport is basically an individual sport, as a rider it is a must with good people around you for inspiration and support.

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