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The farrier who followed the footsteps of his ancestors and now celebrates 20 years as a farrier!!

January 3rd, 2022 | By: Joakim Krassman

Emil Johansson lives in Skåne and works as a farrier. In his youth, however, he trained as a chef and worked all over Sweden and went to Spain. After a tough time as a chef in Spain, Emil decided to return to Sweden and change his focus and train as a farrier as so many before him in the family had done.

Many in his family have been armourers and farriers. Emil's grandfather trained cavalry riders to shoe their horses in the field. Riding military in those days carried horseshoes and stitching and tools in their bags, as any riding military rider would be able to shoe their own horses if needed.

When Emil made up his mind, he contacted farrier John Lethinen where Emil was offered a place as a traditional apprentice and stayed on from 1998 - 2001. Together they forged horseshoes every morning five to six days a week, which was a very instructive period. Farrier John competed all over the world at that time in farriery and blacksmithing. Emil was allowed to accompany him to competitions and even participated himself and won some competitions during the years, including an Eagle Eye competition in Gothenburg already after 4 months of apprenticeship.

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The decision Emil made in 1998 was so right. He smiles and says; "I wake up every day and am a proud and happy farrier. No two days are the same. I love working with the biomechanics of the horse and figuring out how to shoe each horse. I have great clients and it's nice to come to work"

Previously, Emil competed in farriery, including becoming debutant champion in 2004 in Falsterbo. Today he shoes both walking horses to national team horses in most disciplines as well as engaging in a lot of sick shoeing.

Emil has also completed the additional training to become an approved farrier by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. It is clear that he is passionate about his profession as a farrier. He also says that he has a great interest in the anatomy of the hoof and the hoof in balance, something he strives for at every shoeing opportunity, if you get the hoof in balance quickly, you have gained a lot of ground, says Emil.

Despite his experience, Emil believes it is important for both new and experienced farriers to attend various clinics and courses that (often held by farriers, vets and product manufacturers). As there are always new techniques and thinking and often the farrier already knows a lot but there is always something they can improve and sometimes simplify, in their daily work. It is also social and fun to meet colleagues and Emil listens to everyone, newly trained and experienced.

Emil lives and works in Skåne today, but also has customers and works internationally.

Emil started with Hippocrates system Blacksmith for farriers three years ago and he tells us:

"I like the whole picture. My business has got a more professional touch as my customers now get a text message via Blacksmith the day before I arrive and the best thing is that no customer ever forgets me since I started with Blacksmith. This means I don't go to work unnecessarily. It's nice and the customers appreciate it enormously.

Before Blacksmith, I would write down the day's work on a pad or piece of paper and to say the least, in the car there could be many different pads of paper and it got a bit messy. Today I bring my mobile or ipad to all customers and start by taking a few moments with the customer and filling in all the details on the spot, alternatively they send me a text message with their details. When my work is done, it takes a few minutes to do an invoice and I often do it right in the car. My working days used to be two or three hours longer because of invoicing and now it takes a few minutes.

I recommend Blacksmith to all my colleagues"


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