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March 17th, 2022 | By: Joakim Krassman

Christian Mogerud, CM Hovslagari built up his interest in horses as an adult. He went from being self-employed in the construction industry, to groom to trained farrier in just a few years.

Christian's journey has been intense. It has not always been obvious that Christian would become a farrier. He has chosen to go his own way ever since high school when he chose to study construction instead of following in his father's footsteps as an ICA trader.

In 2010, Christian started his own kitchen and bathroom business and built up a shop and a contracting business in Nyköping that went very well. But despite great success, a boredom was born, based on the fact that he never had time to be at home with his family and that there was a lack of joy in going to work.

The horses slowly came into Christian's life through his wife. However, an interest in animals and nature was already present from Christian's childhood in Jämtland.In 2016, Christian realised that it was horses he wanted to do, but in what way was not yet entirely clear. Thanks to an amazing entrepreneurial spirit, Christian began to research the horse industry. He contacted Strömsholm and a market research where he found out if he should go for equestrian therapy or farriery. It turned out that there was a shortage of farriers in the country which made the decision a little easier.

Of course, he didn't stop there and started contacting local farriers to see if they had a lot of work and tried to get a picture of the market. Nothing was left to chance. In 2017, Christian handed over the shop and contracting to his partner and went to take his entrance exam for the farrier education at Strömsholm. Christian got in and had to commute 1 hour and 40 minutes a day so that the family could stay in Nyköping.

"I was passionate about the craft from day one, I thought it was great!"

Christian believes that his interest in farriery stems from having worked a lot with people in his previous jobs, but also from his great love for animals.

"I've had dogs that I've raced and trained and there's something special about being close to the animal as an indvididual. I feel that I connect with animals and have a sense of being able to read them."

In addition, Christian had entrepreneurship in him, which of course is a huge part of a farrier's everyday life. Christian says that from previous jobs he had already learned how to deal with customer contact, the importance of order and keeping to deadlines. In addition, he had an eye on invoicing, which is an important part of maintaining a steady cash flow in the company.

Christian applied to become an approved farrier with the Swedish Board of Agriculture as soon as his studies were completed and was approved.

Christian applied to become an approved farrier with the Swedish Board of Agriculture as soon as his studies were completed and was approved.

When we ask Christian about his own goals going forward, he tells us:

"I want to increase my skills and become the best at what I do. I want to have a good reputation, do a good job and develop. You learn every day, if you think you're perfect, you don't develop any further. Every day when I go to work I feel that I am needed, that I add value to the horse and the horse owner."

Users of Hippocrates Business system for Farriers

Christian was introduced to Hippocrates Blacksmith including the medical record system during his farrier training. He also noticed that several farriers he follows on social media are using the Hippocrates Blacksmith system, including Magnus Smederöd.

From day one when Christian graduated as a farrier, he contacted Hippocrates and since then he feels that the system has worked perfectly.

"The best thing is that I can book my customers into the system. They get a text message telling them when I'm coming. Thanks to this feature, I never have to go to the stables again and the client is not there."

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