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Her dream came true! Inspiring story with Annie Ryhnell.

May 17th, 2020 | Village: Joakim Krassman

Daring to saddle up from being an employee to becoming self-employed is a tough decision.

Annie was only 7 years old when the dream of her own horse farm was written down in the diary for the first time.

Today Annie runs the goddard stables company.

We met Annie Ryhnell, 30.

Annie was not born into a horse family, but it all started when she was 6 years old, when the family moved and settled near Enskede Ridskola.

The horses became her first great love and Annie was in the stables as soon as there was free time.

Annie's interest in horses persisted and she started at Strömsholm Equestrian Gymnasium.

After high school, Annie applied for a job in the horse industry, her happiness found in Barcelona, Spain, where she worked in a dressage stable for 2.5 years and enjoyed a great time. However, homesickness became too great and when Annie's paths again led her to Sweden, she got a job with Mads Hendeliowitz at Segersta Equestrian.

In the beginning she mostly got to ride out on the horses but over time, as well as with a rising level of education after further training by Mads, she rode more and more dressage. She had to start by competing young horses, and then over time also train and race customers' horses up to Intermediare.

Annie's duties also included work around the horses such as ordering feed, bedding and veterinary bookings, etc.

During her eight years at Segersta Equestrian, Annie also trained as a young horse trainer and C-trainer.

What made you dare to take the chance to start your own business?

The dream of a horse farm of its own grew stronger. Annie analyzed her network of contacts, as she carried with her the knowledge that alone is not strong and made the decision to start her own business.

"After searching, the opportunity arose to rent a horse farm that matched my dreams and the new life as a self-employed person took off. Annie says that daring to succeed is "To dare to spread the word, believe in what you do and be prepared to work hard. The knowledge that there will be no holiday this year and maybe for years to come".

Annie's goal with her entrepreneurship is long-term and to start on a reasonable scale. She has now started the company as a sole proprietorship with the goal of becoming a limited liability company.

What is your main driving force and how do you use it in entrepreneurship?

I have a high work ethic and spend a lot of time with the horses. Is meticulous. When my clients leave their horse in training with me, the horses get what I would give them if it were my own horses.

I take full responsibility.

Annie was humbled that the start would be tough and also applied for other jobs at 50% to be able to get the economy together in the beginning. An incredible happiness and relief came when the stable in a short time became full of customers' young horses to be matched against championate, training of sales horses and liverys including giving riding lessons to customers on their horses. The marketing is done via word of mouth method, social media such as Instagram and Facebook which Annie experiences gives good results on sales horses.

What customers (horse owners) do you have today?

My customers are mostly breeders and horse owners who have purchased foals and who do not want to ride and train their horses for either sale or for future ventures.

Some customers have the horses in training with me to develop as a vehicle, then I train both horse and rider.

How do you dream on now?

The next dream is to be able to continue to live on running my horse business and to get

ride and race at Grand Prix level. To be able to have your own part in a horse in the long run or have the opportunity to keep a customer's horse up to the GP.

I believe in the importance of continuing to train for myself and constantly evolving. Go away for the horses to be environmentally trained, ride together with friends/colleagues for inspiration so that you are not alone.

How does Hippcrates proStable help you in your daily work?

Since I can post all the products and services I perform for my customers' horses in the system, it makes me pay for my work. For example, an ointment that a horse needs, deworming.

The company then receives money more quickly when I can add costs on each horse directly on the mobile and that it is not forgotten.

Quick and easy to invoice customers such as sessions in walker, feed and lessons.

Invoicing and accounting files allow me to cut costs at the accounting firm that gets ready-made SIE files to import into the posting. As a start-up, it is important that every krona is invoiced and to keep costs down.

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