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Erik Nordström, one of our promising young horse entrepreneurs!

October 6th, 2021 | Village: Joakim Krassman

Erik is 19 years old and was born into a horse family in a small town in Skåne where both mom and dad come from the horse world. None other than Rolf-Göran Bengtsson is his godfather. Erik, however, chose to invest wholeheartedly in football, at first.

All the friends including himself and his brother played football. However, the winner's skull in Erik meant that after Erik watched Rolf-Göran ride and thought it doesn't look so difficult, started riding his sister's pony. He chose to go from team sport to the more individual horse riding at the age of 13 where he himself could influence so much more. It was tough to lose all your friends from football in your spare time, but the breaks at school were devoted to the football and the friends. The football guy eventually became the horse guy.

Already after two weeks he went on his first pay & jump and the experience was that it might not be quite so easy anyway. He got the chance to ride an experienced C-pony of 23 years, which he rode his first Swedish Championship with after 1.5 years. Then his own first pony, a 21-year-old teacher, was bought, which Erik won two Swedish Championships, 1 SM bronze and rode NM on. A pony that it took two years before they rode good together but then they were a team with a great feeling.

The winner's skull today is driven by understanding each horse as an individual and creating the bond between horse and rider.

Erik attended high school while on the junior team with two horses. After graduating, he got his first job and started working for Stall Danora, which meant moving away from home and standing on his own two feet with all that it entails. At Eva Danielson, Stall Danora, Erik brought with him important knowledge such as setting up schedules for a long time ahead for each horse and contacts in Sweden and abroad and thus a greater insight into what it is like to buy and sell horses. Knowledge that is invaluable in running his own company that became Erik's next step.

He currently runs his own company SEEN Sporthorses where he mainly rides customers' horses. There have been a lot of nice young horses that have been a bit green but now he has also brought in an older horse with experience that he believes a lot in and the goal is to be riding Young Rider classes next year. Erik also emphasises the importance of a team around him in order to achieve their goals.

He has great support in his sister, who is invaluable in all administration around the company as well as the horses.

A fantastic opportunity in the equestrian sport that Erik lifts, which is possible without buying a finished horse for the biggest classes, is to be able to ride the same classes as professional riders such as Stephanie Holmén and Douglas Lindelöw when they race their greener horses and create experience. And even though you may not compete with them, you can learn an incredible amount from such riders when, for example, they ride their horses on the track.

Erik's dream is of course to ride the major championships but the journey with each horse is something that he lives for and is driven by every day.

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