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Ebba Danielsson 15 years old - a flying rocket in the horse world

January 24th, 2022 | By: Joakim Krassman

Ebba breathes and lives for horses and show jumping. She has been riding for as long as she can remember. Her mother has competed in high classes and used to run a riding school. So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This year alone she has been competing in- Slovakia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, France and Denmark.

How do you reconcile school and the investment in horses that you make?

Right now I'm in my last year of high school and I have teachers who understand and appreciate the effort I'm making. It makes it easier when I need time off and I can do my school work remotely. I usually take tests either before I leave, or remotely. This semester, I've been away for about eight weeks.

We live in Nora, near Örebro, so there are many hours in the horse bus and then I study so I don't fall behind, luckily I don't get motion sickness. My next goal with school is to go to high school with a focus on sports.

What are your favourite countries to compete in?

The Netherlands and Belgium.

Are the competitions very different depending on which country you are in?

No, it's not that different. Only at national competitions is it different.

In Sweden I compete against seniors and abroad against peers and there is more competition.

Do you feel lonely when you're at a competition?

No, many of my friends are also competing so it never feels lonely. I get to experience so much when I compete in different countries. In Portugal, for example, we take the opportunity to go swimming. Sometimes we also carpool for longer trips to have two drivers.

Who do you train for?

I train for my mother and sometimes Pether Markne comes to us, we also have a lot of contact and send videos of rounds etc. Have spent a lot of time on ground work this year and find that it is starting to pay off. Today I have nine horses but the ideal is to have six to seven.

Until last year I rode ponies and there is a big difference between pony and big horse competitions. I competed my pony a lot internationally, including the European Championships and a World Cup final. It was a really nice pony, I wish he could have grown twenty centimetres.

My role models today are all in the Swedish national team. I try to pick and take inspiration from everyone. Riders outside Sweden that I look up to are Jessica Springsteen and Edvina Tops Alexander.

Do you have any advice for younger riders?

It is important to practice a lot to get better and better. To have a trainer who knows you and your horses. To have fun. Important to have some success. Success can be different things like winning a race, a good feeling in the round, a clear round.

It is important to compete against yourself and not just against others, as you have such different conditions.

It's also important to sit on horses that build you up and don't make you insecure if you are insecure yourself.

What do your dreams look like?

Obviously to be as good as possible, ride the European Championships as a senior and then of course the Olympics. On my bucket list for the near future is to ride the junior European Championships next year. Starting next year to get the chance to be involved in rider development, a sponsored program i Sweden for riders.

I have a dream to move abroad and ride when I finish school. Already have a few dream places and that in is Belgium or Holland.


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