Meet our users - Michelle tried proStable and was saved -

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Meet our users – Michelle tried proStable and was saved

February 23rd, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman


Meet our users – Michelle tried proStable and was saved

Today we meet Michelle Irmenius, Plant Manager at Hippocrates Equestrian Center and large users of proStable. Michelle runs a stable of 45 box seats, five full-time employees and a dozen hourly and part-time employees. She has been using proStable since its inception four years ago.

How would you describe proStable?

I would describe hippocrates Prostable as an extra work colleague. Someone you can turn to as soon as you are unsure about something, which is constantly available with the right information, clear guidelines and procedures.

How has it changed daily work?

Above all, all information is always at hand. The first thing we do in the morning is check if there are any changes or orders. Is anyone going to the screeching machine? Anyone who's going to wear leg protectors who didn't have it before? More pellets in the box? Easy to get it right.

You have a lot of colleagues in the stable – what do they think of proStable?

For the staff, the app is worth gold. There you will find information about each individual horse, feed state lists, list of daily routines, work schedules and time accounting. And everything is done with a few simple button presses!

What do customers appreciate?

They really appreciate the clarity and accessibility. It's not always you meet customers on a daily basis, but with the app they can change things at short notice and know that the information is going forward. They can place orders without having a personal contact with us in the stables.

Who would you recommend proStable to?

I would recommend the service to everyone who runs a horse business – large and small. Prostable gives me and my colleagues the opportunity to do the best work possible, in a clear and structured way with the horse in focus! Without unnecessary misunderstandings. This allows us to easily meet the wishes and needs of every horse owner. Simply a win-win situation.

Would you go back to a stable where you don't use proStable?

No, it would have been problematic. Now I'm used to this security and would have a hard time being without it. It's an irreplaceable security. Everything's there.

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