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Meet Petra Cederroth – the equi-physiotherapist who works with both man and horse.

April 6th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

  Petra Cederroth comes from a real horse family. In the stable outside Sollentuna, the family has had its own horses since the early 1950s. For Petra, who has trained horses to national team level himself, collaboration between rider and horse has always been interesting. "The rider transfers a lot of his problems on the horse," petra says, giving an example. [...]

Julia became a professional rider in Germany – here are her tips for those who want to try your luck abroad

March 24th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

  Diddi Cool "Diddi" with Julia Pedersen after their first victory in S* in Heinsberg. The horse is trained by Julia, from M* to Grandprix horse. Rids is now ridden by Sweden's best dressage rider of all time, the legend Ulla Håkansson.   Diddi Cool "Diddi" and Julia after their first victory in S* of over 74% autumn 2017 Delight "Brownie"– [...]

Farrier – an ancient profession for the future

February 4th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

Magnus Smederöd is the courtier veteran who competes both internationally and nationally. He was also one of the first users of Blacksmith™.   Anyone who thinks that the courtier profession is old as the street is actually wrong – the profession is considerably older than that. The oldest horseshoes archaeologists unearthed are over 2400 years old – they were found [...]


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