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Why Academy is the obvious choice

  • Full control of the economy

    With automatic e-invoicing, bookkeeping and Fortnox integration, administration is fast. With Academy , you can keep track of every penny.

  • One-click overview

    Our service handles everything from finances to the horses' weekly schedule and communication with riding instructors and students. You get a complete overview of the entire operation in just one click.

  • World-class support

    We start each collaboration with a full-day training so that you and your staff get the maximum benefit from the service. We will help you by phone or email during all days of the week.

  • All our customers

    Today we are the largest provider of services for riding schools and we are super proud to be. Thanks to all our customers and their suggestions for features, we would like to say that Academy is the best service for riding schools. Best of all, Academy is suitable for both the small and large riding school.

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  • A complete service

    Our promise is to be the best friend of the riding school. That's why Academy is designed to be a complete solution for all the administration and communication needs of a riding school - no matter what size. The service includes three platforms and integrations:

    • A student portal for your customers.
    • A smartphone app where your riding instructors handle the distribution of horses, attendance and communication with students.
    • An administrative interface that provides a complete overview of the entire business.
    • Integration between APN, Idrott Online, Fortnox, and Bankgirot.
  • Always money in the account

    When we ask our customers what Academy has meant to them financially, most of them say the same thing: now we always have money in the account and full control of our finances. With automated invoicing, the money comes in faster. Of course, it includes support for bankgiro payments so you can quickly see that everyone has paid their riding training and membership fees. We dare to say that Academy is the best service for riding schools in Sweden.

    Academy is also fully integrated with Fortnox. All accounting transactions are automatically transferred to the accounting module.

  • You'll find us in the clouds

    Academy is a fully cloud-based service and requires no installations. You can use the service from any device, anytime, anywhere. What's more, we back up all your important data every day.

  • Download print-friendly product sheet!

"The redial function saves a lot of email and phone time, previously the phone was ringing constantly, today it works fine with one hour of phone time per week.

Now every student/parent can log in 24/7 and book their riding lesson and search for riding lessons etc."
Uppsala Pony Club

"The biggest part of the efficiency is that the riding school now has an iPad that sits in the pony stable. There, each student clicks in their attendance and there they also see which horse they are assigned for the next lesson.
The service has resulted in better finances for the riding school and allows for optimization of operations."
Enskede Riding School

"Group mailings are often used, e.g. next Wednesday is theory, see you in the theory room at 6 pm"
Linköping Field Riding Club

"Previously, invoicing was time-consuming and we received large sums of money twice a year and in between the cash register was empty. The system helps us to have a better control of the finances and ensures that we optimize the cash flow in the business as we now easily invoice more often"
Högbo Riding Club

Mobile-friendly apps

For Academy there are a number of different "apps" that you can install on different devices. For example, there is an app for riding instructors where they can easily assign horses and take attendance and much more.


Contact us for a demo version of Academy.


The basic annual fee includes free SMS, unlimited support for the service.


A fee of EUR 1,6 per active student/year applies. 


VAT is added to the prices.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and your service will be terminated on the date of termination.

  • Basic fee
    EUR 980:-
  • 100 students - variable fee
    EUR 160
  • 250 students - variable fee
    EUR 400
  • 500 students - variable fee
    EURO 640

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