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Uppsala Pony Club, the riding school where everyone is welcome who enjoys horse

October 20th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

  We have had a chat with Gabriella Pernler, Riding School Manager at Uppsala Pony Club. Gabriella has worked here for 28 years and has accumulated extensive experience in riding school activities. Something we are a little extra interested in in the further development of our system Hippo Academy™. THE HORSES AND OPERATIONS Uppsala Pony Club was inaugurated in 1987. Gabriella Pernler as today [...]

Press release from Hippocrates.se

October 14th, 2019 | Village: Joakim Krassman

Hippocrates.se has upgraded Hippo Academy - an administrative system that frees up time and money for the country's riding schools. The improvement will save an additional 80-100 hours per year. PUBLISHED: 15 OCTOBER 2019 Hippo Academy was already one of Sweden's leading administrative systems for riding schools, now Hippocrates.se has made the system even better and more efficient. Today, Sweden's riding schools save about [...]


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